About Us

Our Guides

Chris Dettmering

Found his passion in LBSF after growing up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin and moving his way around the United States to the Pacific coast, finally ending up on the beautiful shores of Southern California. He started out fishing on the piers and moved into the world of land based shark fishing. Fishing is where he goes to escape reality and find peace of mind.

Tyler May and Luna

Growing up in Oklahoma, Tyler had a passion for fishing from a young age. After joining the Marines and moving to Camp Pendleton on the Pacific shore, Tyler naturally found his way into land based shark fishing. In the past years, he has successfully targeted various species of shark native to California. Tyler enjoys sharing his passion of fishing with everyone and is usually accompanied by his service dog, Luna. She loves the beach as much as Tyler.

The Perch Jerker

An enthusiastic, passionate and energetic media professional who loves to fish as much as he loves to be behind the camera. Originally hailing from Ohio, Perch is now chasing footage of bigger and badder fish in the Pacific Ocean!


Newest member of LBSFGuides. He is a very dedicated fisherman who is mastering the art of the surf alongside the greatest in the business. We are excited to welcome him to the team and are looking forward to many more sharks!

VOB Member

Veteran Owned Business Member – our business is a proud member of the Veteran Owned Business Project. VOB is the leading FREE network portal of over 400,000 supporters and 33,000 businesses owned by military veterans (VOB), active duty military, reservists, service disabled veteran owned businesses (SDVOSB) and military spouses of the United States Army, Air Force (USAF), Marines (USMC), Navy (USN), Coast Guard (USCG) and National Guard. Join us in showing your support for our armed forces by proudly searching for products and services that are all made by, sold by or serviced by past/present members of the United States military community!

Why we do what we do

Chris and Tyler have both moved across the country and found their passion in land based shark fishing (LBSF). Their independent paths ended up crossing years after they each had begun shark fishing. Sharing a passion for sharks, the ocean and teaching others, they decided to combine forces, purchase their guide licenses and start sharing their passion with others.

Our Core Values


As a team, our number one priority is safety. That includes the safety of our clients, bystanders, sharks and our guides.


If you are not having fun, you are doing it wrong. We get to meet people from all around the world, and handle sharks that some people have only seen in the movies, or have never even heard of!


Our team is constantly learning new techniques to create a safer and more enjoyable experience for all those around and involved in our fishing activities. We also value educating the public on our techniques and teaching those new to the sport, so that it can continue for years to come.


This seems like a no brainer when it comes to fishing, but LBSF adds a much more public component to it. There are many beachgoers that have strong opinions on our sport. We educate where we can, and listen where we can’t. There is also the common cliché – They call it fishing, not catching.


What would a list of core values be without integrity? We continuously research rules and regulations to ensure we are operating within the limits of the law. Many law enforcement officers are not aware of fishing regulations. We are always cooperative with law enforcement and help them reach a common understanding of some of the more obscure laws that protect fisherman’s rights in California. We find Fish and Game to be a great resource and always welcome anyone with a badge. They are there to protect us as they are there to make sure we are following the laws.