Land Based Shark Fishing Guides LLC

Full Send or No Send

Come try your hand at chasing sharks up and down the coast on the beautiful beaches and piers of Southern California

Our Guide Services

Our licensed guides work hard to get you on fish. Our services include scouting a location (unless you want to try somewhere specific), supplying all the gear, bait and, if necessary, kayaking the bait out and dropping it, to give you the best chance of catching that fish of a lifetime. Need a custom experience, just reach out and ask, we can even do birthday parties and other celebrations!

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Our Guides

Our guides, Chris and Tyler, are licensed fishing guides through the California Department of Fish & Game. They have put in countless hours researching and exploring beaches and piers up and down the coast, looking for the optimal LBSF and Pier based experiences for our clients.

Land Based Shark Fishing

Starting at $500

Pier Fishing

Starting at $150

Land Based Shark Fishing Guides

Founded in 2021 by Chris Dettmering and Tyler May, Land Based Shark Fishing Guides LLC is a unique experience in Southern California.

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